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Sneaking in Some Green

Traditionally, people wear green on St. Patrick’s day to ‘hide’ from leprechauns who try to pinch them. As Kermit the Frog can tell you, it’s not easy being green. Sure, you can toss on a green t-shirt to protect yourself from getting any surprise pinches, but why not have a little fun by sneaking in some green next Thursday.

We spotted some pretty cool ways people are embracing green over on Instagram. Check out these creative and clever ways to celebrate St. Paddy’s day (beyond the wearin’ o’ the green t-shirt) . . .

NailsByChy’s super cool freehand fingernails

st. patrick's day fingernail polish

Photo: Instagram

daniel.gellis’s green adidas cycling socks and slipons

green adidas socks

Photo: Instagram

darlingbud’s fun green socks and chucks

green socks and green chucks

Photo: Instagram

joebraxton’s cute bow ties

green bow ties

Photo: Instagram

kavinotkavitha’s statement earrings

green earrings

Photo: Instagram

fripperybox’s secret garden statement necklace

pink and green necklace

Photo: Instagram

the_1_who_stands_out’s in-a-pinch ink scribbled hand

green squiggles drawn on a hand

Photo: Instagram

kimberlynguyen8’s surprise! shamrock

girl with a shamrock drawn on her hand

Photo: Instagram

Let us know how you’ll be sporting green this year!

You can leave us a comment down below, but we’ll also be checking out Instagram, it’s a great place to get inspirational ideas for ways to wear green. And, while you’re on Instagram, be sure to check out Coke or Pepsi? and DUDE.

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