Sneak Peak – DUDE Vault – See in 3D

Here’s a sneak peak of our hot new book, DUDE Vault!

It’s what dudes everywhere have been waiting for – a NEW addition to our mind-blowing, universe-altering DUDE book series.

DUDE Vault! comes with special 3D specs for your viewing pleasure. Why just see when you can see in 3D?

DUDE Vault! book coverThe DUDE Vault is a top-secret chamber which includes:

  • Crazy awesome questions just for guys
  • Pages to write on, draw on, or just ruin!
  • Hilarious posters and pranks
  • Tons of sci-fi, adventure, invention, and discovery activities

PLUS codes to crack and special posters . . . all in 3D!

DUDE Vault! will be available this Fall and will cost $10.99.

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