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Practicing a Gratitude Attitude

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and people are gearing up for what is often the biggest meal of the year to be followed by non-stop shopping on Black Friday. We’re all so busy it’s often easy to forget all about being thankful and living with a gratitude attitude.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something to be happy about when you’re dreading a math test, having to do chores like cleaning up your messy room, or wishing you could just play video games all day instead of going to school.

Practice Makes Perfect
So how you do you start being more thankful?! It’s like everything else you want to get good at – you have to practice. You just start looking for things you are thankful for. Sometimes it’s easy to think of a long list of things you are grateful for. Other times, not so much.

Thinking thankful thoughts but it gets even better if you start writing them down. You can use a diary or journal, or a blank notebook, or even slips of paper you toss in a jar. Writing them down means you can look at them again any time you need to remind yourself how many things you have to be thankful for.

For fun, try this 365 day challenge:
what am I grateful for today written on a chalk boardThink of ONE thing you’re grateful for every day. Write it down somewhere.

Don’t skip any days. Even when you have a really bad day, think of something to be thankful for. Don’t write more than one thing per day and never repeat the same thing twice.

Draw pictures or write words or use your creativity in whatever way you want to express your gratitude. Collect your notes in one place – a journal, a notebook, slips of paper or note cards in a box. Be as creative, or as plain, as you want to be.

The items on your list can be big or small. At first it’s pretty easy to name the people and places and things you’re most grateful for . . . but since you can’t do repeats, you have to start really looking for things to be thankful for. And that’s when the real fun begins, that’s when you start having a gratitude attitude.

Next year you’ll have a whole year’s worth of memories and reasons to be thankful all written down that you can look at and read over. It’s a pretty fun Thanksgiving activity for you (and whoever else you recruit into practicing the gratitude attitude with you, too).

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