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6 Summer Somethings to Beat the Boredom

Ah, the sweet smell of summertime fun times. July 4th is behind us and the school year is looming just around the corner. While it might seem like you’ve got plenty of time to dawdle into the days ahead, summer will be over before you know it.

Take a moment to think about how your summer break has gone so far!

  • What’s the best thing you’ve done?
  • Have you had some fun with friends?
  • Did you learn to do something new?

As happy and carefree as summer days can be, sometimes the lazy afternoons can start to get downright B-O-R-I-N-G.

To help you add to your “what I did this summer” list (you know there will be a teacher who asks you to write about it after school starts), we have 6 summer somethings to help you beat the boredom (and give you something to write about in your diary, in your journal, or on a piece of notebook paper at school).
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patch of green clover

Sneaking in Some Green

Traditionally, people wear green on St. Patrick’s day to ‘hide’ from leprechauns who try to pinch them. As Kermit the Frog can tell you, it’s not easy being green. Sure, you can toss on a green t-shirt to protect yourself from getting any surprise pinches, but why not have a little fun by sneaking in some green next Thursday.

We spotted some pretty cool ways people are embracing green over on Instagram. Check out these creative and clever ways to celebrate St. Paddy’s day (beyond the wearin’ o’ the green t-shirt) . . .
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happy new year 2016 monkey

New Year, New Site, New Books

It’s 2016, the Year of the Monkey (according to the Chinese Zodiac). We’ve got a whole new and improved website to welcome in the new year, along with a couple new book announcements, but first we’d like to wish a happy 2016 to all of our customers and fans, our business partners and associates, our authors and artists, our friends and family, and to you and yours.
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glow girl black and white banner

Get your GLOW on!

Get ready to use bright, chunky highlighters in a totally new way!

There’s no denying it, highlighters are fun in a way that crayons and markers just can’t be.

In fact, we’ve devoted one of our newest books, You GLOW Girl, to celebrating the fun you can have with highlighters.
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Are You a Super Secret Keeper?

Doodling in diaries is great, but what about storing all your super secrets? And what about sharing those secrets with your best besties? All of the best secret agents and spies are also super secret keepers.

One of our newest books, Besties Amazing Super Secrets, is jam-packed with quizzes and questions and tons of fun secret agent spy stuff just for girls.
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