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Get your GLOW on!

Get ready to use bright, chunky highlighters in a totally new way!

There’s no denying it, highlighters are fun in a way that crayons and markers just can’t be.

In fact, we’ve devoted one of our newest books, You GLOW Girl, to celebrating the fun you can have with highlighters.

From the creative mind of Nancy Panaccione, it comes with 3 chunky highlighters (yellow, blue, and pink) and it’s stuffed full of fun highlighter activities geared to help girls get their GLOW on.

Fun Highlighter Facts:

  • In 1962, Japanese inventor Yukio Horie created a felt-tip pen that used water-based ink. The following year, the Massachusetts print-media giant Carter’s Ink developed a similar water-based marker that emitted an eye-catching translucent ink. They called it the Hi-Liter.
  • Because of the fluorescent ink, highlighter colors glow even more under black light.

Highlighter Coloring

glow girl colored inOne of the coolest things about highlighters is that they’re awesome at adding some fun color to black and white photos. The transparent fluorescent ink gives any drawing or black and white print a whole new flair.


Draw a cool black and white pic and then color it in with various highlighters. Or print a favorite photo in black and white, or snag a black and white photo you like online, and try coloring it in. It’s addictive.

Need a fun black and white picture to get started?
Download this PDF file and print it out, grab some highlighters, and get color crazy.

Other Creative Ideas

TB23 gets her GLOW on with a pretty creative idea for doing a cool highlighter pattern:

About Our Book

sample pages from GLOW Girl bookYou GLOW Girl is a fun way for girls to express their creativity. Written, designed, and illustrated by Nancy Panaccione, the highlighter activities are fun and inspirational.

Mix and match yellow, pink and blue to create colorful designs and doodles, highlight words in word word searches, note answers to fab or drab questions, and use the pull-out poster to decorate your room or locker (after you color it, of course).

Let us know how YOU get YOUR glow on!

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