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Gel Pens & Decoder Rings

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Spring is a mere 60 days away, and we’ve got three new books to add to our line-up of interactive kids books!

I Heart Gel Pens book coverFirst up, just in time for Valentine’s Day, is I ♥ Gel Pens, and we have to admit – we do love gel pens!

What makes a gel pen different, exactly? It’s the gel!

Gel pen ink is thicker and it shows up better, but the best thing about this book is that the gel pen that comes with it is WHITE and the pages in the book are all vibrant colors that contrast nicely with the white gel pen writing, doodlings, and drawings.

It’s super awesome fun. Plus, you can use the white gel pen to make a pretty picture on red paper for your Valentine.

And as if that weren’t enough to get excited about, we’ve also got two super secret decoder ring books hot off the presses!

Each book comes with an adjustable decoder ring, perfect for spies on the go!

Underground Bro Decoder book cover Besties Deluxe Decoder book cover

Gear up and get ready for Valentines Day with one of our newest books!

Or check out our entire collection and pick out something new to helpl while away the days until Spring.

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