Hello 2010!

Happy New Year
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our friends, family, business associates, and everyone who makes Fine Print books possible.

We’d especially like to thank our book fans for a wonderful 2009 and welcome in the new year with a whistle and shout. We’ve got great things planned for 2010 . . . and we hope you do, too!!
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Dude, The Website Is Alive!

It’s finally ready, after a lot of planning, and designing, and drawing, and creating . . . and we’d like to tell you all about it! Read more

Dude Diary

Think lockable diaries are just for girls? Think again . . .

From the Coke or Pepsi? universe, comes the official Dude Diary!

Our DUDE! book spawned so much interest in interactive books for boys that we were asked to create a diary for boys. But we all know boys hate mushy-gushy diaries. So we created the coolest UN-diary on the planet!
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Two New Books Make Back to School Bearable

Girls and boys can get to know their friends better this fall with our two latest books from the Coke or Pepsi? Universe!

Going back to school is rough. Getting up early in the morning stinks. And who likes homework? The best part about it is seeing old friends and making new ones! For a really great way to recharge old friendships and get to know new friends, try sharing questions from one of these brand new Coke or Pepsi? books. Written and illustrated by Mickey and Cheryl Gill, both of these books make going back to school almost bearable!

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