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As you may know we’ve been creating books for girls since 1994. Last year we went into uncharted territory and published a book for boys.

And BOY were we anxious to hear the feedback. Needless to say it has been awesome, the response is totally off the charts.

Check out the comments on DUDE! and DUDE Diary(which is the fastest selling book in our history).

I am addictid to your books!

Wow it was our book fair at my school and I bought a DUDE book and it was awesome! So when I looked on the back I saw that there was a website. I went on the website I think this website is cool. So I thought that I would let you know that the website is cool bye!

Sup, so this book is awesome!

Hi dudes, I’m not a dude I’m a tomboy but I have the first DUDE! book it’s awesome!

We may just be working on a DUDE Diary 2 . . . we’ll keep you posted!

DUDES! New Blog

DUDE! now has its own blog!

As you may know, we’ve been knee deep in the mix with girl stuff. We thought it was about time for some guy time.

So now, not only do we make DUDE! books but we write about DUDE! stuff, too!

Check out The DUDE! Log.

Feel free to comment back and let DUDE! know how you feel about the latest post.


DUDE! Games

What up, Dudes?

Lots of you send us messages from the DUDE! website and we love hearing from you! Lately, we’re getting a bunch of messages telling us that you’d like to see some games on TheDudeBook.com. Don’t believe me? Check these out:

I wondering you dudes have any dude games. If you do that would be good. Another thing, do you like coke or pepsi cool dudes.

my lil’ bro’ loves the dude book. Maybe, this is a suggestion, make some tottaly what you would call, dude games on this website so “dudekind” can play on this website

can you put games on this websight

why dont you make games here at the dude book.com

Dear Authors,
I love the origional DUDE book, And I’m getting the diary, er, journal for christmas. I think you guys should add some games to the website… that would make this website wwwaaaayyyy better than it needs to be. That’s cool. See ya dudes and dudettes!

We think having some games over on the DUDE! site is a pretty good idea! So we’d like to hear more from you, the dudes and dudettes who enjoy the DUDE! books and visit website.

  • What kinds of games do you like to play?
  • What are some of your favorite game sites online?
  • What kind of games would you like to see at TheDudeBook.com?

Just leave a comment below and let us know what you think!!
And thanks for being such great fans and for sending us lots of messages.

DUDE! The Ultimate UNbooks for Boys

Boys seem to be the forgotten audience when it comes to diaries and journals designed specifically to help them develop their written communication, illustration, and other creative skills.


Fine Print’s Dude! Series – The Ultimate UNbooks for Boys

Longwood, FL – January 04, 2010 – Dude! In pop culture, dudes are all over the place: Surf culture. The Big Lebowski. Even the White House! Mark Leibovich of the The New York Times notes that “. . . President Obama presides over a White House rife with fist-bumping young men who call each other dude . . .” in his recent article, Man’s World at White House? No Harm, No Foul, Aides Say.

Certainly older dudes have stuff to read and books that help them express themselves, but what books do younger dudes have that are written just for them? Now, they have DUDE! and Dude Diary, wonderful creations from Fine Print Publishing which support the developing dude.

DUDE! and Dude Diary are creativity-inspiring (but sometimes silly) and colorful (and sometimes black-and-white) gift-sized books for boys only which are filled with crazy things to do, cool questions to ask, and gross stuff to think about. Dude Diary comes with a lock and key for maximum access denial. From TV shows to sweaty sports and alien abductions to superpowers, both books tap into the world of the tween boy and stimulate thought, writing, drawing, play and discussion between dudes.

The owner of Fine Print Publishing Company, William Gurvitch, has been in the book business for 35 years. He began with Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (now Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) in New York, and was elevated to president of HBJ International. In 1994, Bill started Fine Print to publish nonfiction, activity-type books for kids age 7 and up. Clever conception and unique illustration are the foundation of Fine Print’s books, and that “you do something in our books, not just read them,” explains Bill.

The first two titles for Fine Print, Keyhole Diary (1994) and Blue Dog Diary (1996), both by Linda Campbell Franklin, have been reprinted more than 25 times. Linda’s titles for Fine Print have sold more than 2 million copies at everywhere from Barnes & Noble and the MoMA Store to Sepulveda West Car Wash in Los Angeles.

The 4-book COKE OR PEPSI? series began in 2005, inspired by viral e-mail quizzes. Conceived and illustrated by Mickey and Cheryl Gill, Coke or Pepsi? books enable girls to answer questions and then pass the book to their friends to answer the same questions. The Gills are responsible for DUDE! and Dude Diary as well. Having been on staff at Scholastic Book Fairs and being eternally young-at-heart themselves, the Gills have a naturally successful (and often-copied) way of capturing kids’ hearts and minds. “As much as I enjoy hearing from retailers that our books are flying off the shelves, my favorite part of the job is getting mail and email and fan messages from kids who love our books,” says Bill.

DUDE! and Dude Diary are in bookstores and online retailers starting in January 2010! More DUDE! stuff can be found at TheDudeBook.com.


Inquiries from the press should be directed to press@fprint.net for prompt attention. We’re happy to schedule interviews and answer any questions you may have.

PDF Version
Download the PDF version of DUDE! The Ultimate UNbooks for Boys here:

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