spooky Halloween scene

Capes, Crowns, and Zombies

Halloween is just around the corner and we know you’re already thinking candy and costumes!

According to a recent survey, the most popular characters being represented this year are wearing capes, not crowns. In fact, caped (and non caped) crusaders are all over the list!
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patch of green clover

Sneaking in Some Green

Traditionally, people wear green on St. Patrick’s day to ‘hide’ from leprechauns who try to pinch them. As Kermit the Frog can tell you, it’s not easy being green. Sure, you can toss on a green t-shirt to protect yourself from getting any surprise pinches, but why not have a little fun by sneaking in some green next Thursday.

We spotted some pretty cool ways people are embracing green over on Instagram. Check out these creative and clever ways to celebrate St. Paddy’s day (beyond the wearin’ o’ the green t-shirt) . . .
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happy new year 2016 monkey

New Year, New Site, New Books

It’s 2016, the Year of the Monkey (according to the Chinese Zodiac). We’ve got a whole new and improved website to welcome in the new year, along with a couple new book announcements, but first we’d like to wish a happy 2016 to all of our customers and fans, our business partners and associates, our authors and artists, our friends and family, and to you and yours.
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Sneak Peak – DUDE Vault – See in 3D

Here’s a sneak peak of our hot new book, DUDE Vault!

It’s what dudes everywhere have been waiting for – a NEW addition to our mind-blowing, universe-altering DUDE book series.

DUDE Vault! comes with special 3D specs for your viewing pleasure. Why just see when you can see in 3D?
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DUDE Diary 3.0 in your Scholastic Book Fair now!

DUDE Diary version 1 and 2 weren’t enough for non-diary keeping dudes everywhere. So DUDE Diary is back by popular demand and 3.0 is oozing at the seams with more of the awesome and absurd.

Get your very own copy at your Scholastic Book Fair this Fall!!