Top Secret Book News

Now that Coke or Pepsi? GIRL! is published and flying off the shelves, I bet you are curious what comes next!

We’ve been so consumed making Coke or Pepsi? quiz books that we forgot we make diaries too! We thought the perfect book to come next, after GIRL! is such a hit, would be to have a Coke or Pepsi? GIRL! Diary! That’s right, our next book is a diary! Complete with a lock to hide all your deepest secrets, stories, and thoughts.

Coke or Pepsi? GIRL! Diary will be sold exclusively at your local Barnes and Noble Bookstore starting in November. Start saving your moolah so you can be the first of your friends to purchase it!

Fans Luv GIRL!

Soooooo . . . Coke or Pepsi? GIRL! is officially selling in Scholastic Book Fairs!
A bunch of girls across the country have written us to tell us how much they LUV the new book!

Hi I just got your newest book- I LOVE IT!! I just love the random questions the book asks. I hope you make MORE books.

I totally love ur new book GIRL! It has hooked me. I’m asking my mom for more thanks!

I love coke or pepsi girl!

We just thought we’d give you some feedback so that if your school’s Book Fair hasn’t come yet you can get ready!

DUDES! New Blog

DUDE! now has its own blog!

As you may know, we’ve been knee deep in the mix with girl stuff. We thought it was about time for some guy time.

So now, not only do we make DUDE! books but we write about DUDE! stuff, too!

Check out The DUDE! Log.

Feel free to comment back and let DUDE! know how you feel about the latest post.


New Coke or Pepsi? Media Player

When we launched the fabulous new Coke or Pepsi site last October, we included a working iPod featuring Stefani Scovolo’s Date With New York City.

Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of really great comments about the music there. Some were messages asking us where you could buy Stefani’s song, and some were messages asking us to put some more music choices into the mix. So we decided to create a full-blown media player filled with a whole bunch of songs from lots of different Indie artists. We also included links beside each song so you can favorite them or purchase them from iTunes or Amazon, from right inside the player.

You can still turn the music on and off by clicking the pause button on the bottom of the click wheel, but now you can access more music by more really talented artists by clicking on the display screen or on the button in the center of the click wheel, too!

We are really excited to introduce our new Coke or Pepsi? Media Player with the following featured artists, now available at!

Bethany Sayers

Bethany Sayers
Singer / Songwriter

From Knoxville, Tennessee, Bethany hopes to inspire, encourage, and instill instill the strength to claim the unconditional love and respect that every person is entitled to.


[pronounced Eh-vuh-Luv]

An American alternative rock band from Los Angeles, includes Lucy Levinsohn, Billy Berman, Dave Corsile, Colby Jensen and Brian Weathers. Their mutual love of music is the force that drives the energy, honesty, and passion to every song and each performance.


Jag Star

The Knoxville-based band’s big, bold, infectious choruses have evolved into a trademark Jag Star sound that can only be described as Jagalicious! Leavin’ was recently featured on a trailor for MTV’s “The Hills.”

Michelle Penn

Michelle Penn
Singer / Songwriter

Indie rock diva Michelle Penn exudes no shortage of attitude and style. Since storming out of the Detroit rock scene as a teenager, Penn has played stages all over the country. She makes her mark as one of rock’s rare genuine artists in that she writes, produces and performs all original music.

Mission Hill

Mission Hill
Boys from Boston

An alternative rock band from Boston MA that formed in late 2006. They mix provoking songwriting, catchy hooks, moody vocals, an energetic live show, and strong musicianship with an unerring commitment to their unique sound. Band members: Adam Jensen, Alex Knutsen, Takuma Anzai, and Zach Jagentenfl.

Saving Jane

Saving Jane
Columbus Band

A band from Columbus, Ohio, most famous for their hit songs “Girl Next Door” (heard on several TV shows) and “Supergirl” (Indy-Car racing star Danica Patrick’s theme song). Band members: Marti Dodson, Pat Buzzard, Dak Goodman, Brandon Hagan, and Eric Flores.

Skyler Stonestreet

Skyler Stonestreet
Singer / Songwriter

Singer-songwriter Skyler Stonestreet began playing classical piano at the age of seven, and within a few years found a sound and writing style that branched out from her classical roots, and became a sound all her own. You may have heard her music on “One Tree Hill” or xm radio.

Stefani Scovolo

Stefani Scovolo
Singer / Songwriter

Stefani Scovolo grew up in Houston TX but moved to Nashville to pursue her music and songwriting. She went on to live in New York City, Vienna, and Austria, and now resides in Los Angeles. Within the last two years, she has written some of her best songs and continues to collaborate with many top producers. We chose “Date With New York City” for the first song ever on

To use the new media player . . .
Visit and click on the dancing video. Then just click on any artist to see a list of their songs and find their music on iTunes or Amazon, directly from the player!

Watch this video for a super-quick demo . . .

Coke or Pepsi Media Player Demo from Fine Print Publishing on Vimeo.

An Invitation To So2gether

If you’ve followed this blog for long or ever visited, you may have heard us mention that we’ve been really, really busy working on a top secret project.
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