Lost your key? Get a replacement one now!

Lost your lock or key? You can now purchase a replacement set in our online bookstore!

Compatible with all diaries! The lock currently comes in silver but we will have more colors soon! Keep your siblings out of your diary! Lock is only $2.99. Get yours today!

New and Improved DUDE Website

We listened to your suggestions and heard your requests . . .

We revamped our DUDE! website to make it BIGGER and BETTER! Easier navigation, bigger font, you asked for it, you got it. Check out the world of nasy, gross, and totally inappropriate things — Come visit our “land with no requirements” — thedudebook.com — it is whack!

Enter the Land of No Return . . . featuring a The DUDE Log, Danger Zone, Tricks and Gimmicks, and your own DUDE ball.

Come on DUDE, it’s just a click away!
See you there, DUDE!

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Make UR own Quizzes at So2gether!

Ever want to make your OWN Coke or Pepsi? quiz? Now you can!

In case you didn’t know. . . we have a website where you can make your own quizzes.

Go to So2gether.com where you can chat with friends, create your own quizzes,
and take other member’s quizzes. It’s LOADS of fun!

Interactive Quizzes are now available directly on Coke-or-Pepsi.com!

Become a Quiz Wizard. Come check it out!

Write, Draw, Destroy

As you may know we’ve been creating books for girls since 1994. Last year we went into uncharted territory and published a book for boys.

And BOY were we anxious to hear the feedback. Needless to say it has been awesome, the response is totally off the charts.

Check out the comments on DUDE! and DUDE Diary(which is the fastest selling book in our history).

I am addictid to your books!

Wow it was our book fair at my school and I bought a DUDE book and it was awesome! So when I looked on the back I saw that there was a website. I went on the website I think this website is cool. So I thought that I would let you know that the website is cool bye!

Sup, so this book is awesome!

Hi dudes, I’m not a dude I’m a tomboy but I have the first DUDE! book it’s awesome!

We may just be working on a DUDE Diary 2 . . . we’ll keep you posted!