New Music by Abbie Lynn on

We found a new artist that we just had to share with you! Her name is Abbie Lynn and she has some great music!

We’ve added a few of her songs to our media player on We’ve also added Abbie’s music to our media player on our social website,

Check it out now!

Sweet Love - Abbie Lynn

Mega Quiz Questions–Coke or Pepsi? Unlimited!

That’s right!
You guessed it!
We are making ANOTHER Coke or Pepsi? Book.


Introducing Coke or Pepsi? Unlimited!
The best Coke or Pepsi? book yet!

Featuring secret locker combinations which lead to exclusive print outs that only YOU will have.

Exclusively sold at your school’s Scholastic Book Fair.

Hey, GIRL! — in our online bookstore

Did you miss out on Coke or Pepsi? GIRL! at your Book Fair? Were you “that girl” who ran to the Fair only to find GIRL! was sold out?

GIRL!, you are in luck! Now selling in our online bookstore . . . the amazingly awesome . . . Coke or Pepsi? GIRL!

Whaddya have to say about that? GIRL! includes random thoughts, cool Q&A’s, and very unscientific quizzes. LOL stories, your super strong opinions (& friends too), random scribbles, & answers to insanely cool questions in one awesome place!

Check it out – Coke or Pepsi? GIRL!

When I grow up . . .

When I grow up I want to be . . . a Rockstar!

Isn’t it fun to dream about what lies ahead in life? Anything can happen. There are endless possibilities. You control your future!

A Nurse, Supermodel, Lawyer, Olympic Swimmer, Chemist, Animal Trainer, or even the President of the United States!

Blog Question of the Week . . .
What do YOU want to be when you grow up???

Fashion? Boys? Secrets?

We want to hear YOUR opinion. What kind of book do you want Fine Print to publish? Our most popular books have been Coke or Pepsi?, My Best Year, My Heart 2 Heart Diaries and GIRL!

Do you want a book on . . . Fashion . . . Boys . . . Secrets???

If you could make our next book how would you make it? What special features would you add? What color would you want the cover to be?

We want to hear your thoughts so send us your feedback ASAP!