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Capes, Crowns, and Zombies

Halloween is just around the corner and we know you’re already thinking candy and costumes!

According to a recent survey, the most popular characters being represented this year are wearing capes, not crowns. In fact, caped (and non caped) crusaders are all over the list!


Evidently, for 11 years in a row the most popular costume has been a princess. Don’t worry, princesses still come in at #2.

Here’s the whole list of popular Halloween costumes for kids this year:

  1. Action/Superhero
  2. Princess
  3. Animal (Cat, Dog, Lion, Monkey, etc.)
  4. Batman Character
  5. Star Wars Character
  6. Tie: Witch AND DC Superhero other than Batman
  7. Frozen Character (Anna, Elsa, Olaf)
  8. Marvel Superhero (other than Spiderman)
  9. Zombie
  10. Spiderman

We adore the new SuperHero trend, though we still have a soft spot for Zombie’s too.

zombiesIf you like zombies and super heroes, too, you should check out DANGER: Zombies! Lasers! Sharks!, a fun activity book that lets you detail your zombie apocalypse survival plan, take down enemy drones with laser guns, and go head to head with an international villain’s trained sharks. And that’s just Phase 1.

Whatever you dress up as this year, be sure to trick-or-treat safely.

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