staycation road sign in front of a bike on a pretty spring day

Spring Break . . . Staycation?

It’s Spring Break time and maybe you’ve got some really fabulous plans, like swimming and sunning on the beaches of Florida or skiing on the slopes of Nevada.

If you don’t have exciting travel plans, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun  and relaxing, Spring Break. Consider taking a “staycation” this year! Or a “holistay,” if you prefer. Read more

spring flowers arranged in a heart shape

Gel Pens & Decoder Rings

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Spring is a mere 60 days away, and we’ve got three new books to add to our line-up of interactive kids books!
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group of happy children laying in autumn leaves

Practicing a Gratitude Attitude

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and people are gearing up for what is often the biggest meal of the year to be followed by non-stop shopping on Black Friday. We’re all so busy it’s often easy to forget all about being thankful and living with a gratitude attitude.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something to be happy about when you’re dreading a math test, having to do chores like cleaning up your messy room, or wishing you could just play video games all day instead of going to school. Read more

spooky Halloween scene

Capes, Crowns, and Zombies

Halloween is just around the corner and we know you’re already thinking candy and costumes!

According to a recent survey, the most popular characters being represented this year are wearing capes, not crowns. In fact, caped (and non caped) crusaders are all over the list!
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green notebook and pencils decorated with dots

Decorating With Dots

Even if you’re dreading the first day of school, you have to admit that a new school year can have a great deal of potential. Seeing old friends, making new ones, meeting new teachers, learning new things, getting new books, and sporting a few new clothes are all reasons to get excited about the new school year ahead.

One of the best things about fall is getting fresh, new pencils and paper and notebooks and whatever else is on your back-to-school shopping list. While you might not get to choose exactly what you want (parents can be pretty strict with the whole budget thing), you can always add a little flair to your plain, boring notebooks before the big day appears.
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