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We publish illustrated quiz books and diaries for kids!

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• Celebrating 25 years of publishing for Tweens •

Our family-run business started in 1994 with only 1 idea, 1 author, and 1 book. This makes us humbly proud to be able to say that our books have now touched the hands of millions of girls and boys across the world.

Fine Print specializes in illustrated diaries, journals, and quiz books. We cater to kids between the ages of 8 and 13 – more affectionately known as tweens. Our passion is to expand children’s creativity. Think, dream, write, draw, create.

We originally started making books strictly for girls. In 2009 we published our first book for boys, DUDE!, and it’s a heck of a hit! You’ll find our books at your school’s Scholastic Book Fair, at Barnes & Noble, and at the finest local book and gift shops.

You can also purchase copies of our books directly from us in our shop.

We welcome your opinions and feedback. So please don’t be shy if you have ideas you’d like to send our way. We absolutely love what we do and look forward to publishing books for you for years to come. Subscribe to our blog news feed in order to receive updates from us right in your inbox.

Our most popular book brands include

Coke or Pepsi? Books

First published in 2005, Coke or Pepsi?, a fun friendship book geared towards girls, quickly became our best seller! Our most popular series, we’ve since published several new Coke or Pepsi? books, all written and illustrated by the super-creative team of Mickey and Cheryl Gill.

DUDE! Books

First published in 2009, DUDE!, the official manual for all things boy, quickly took hold with boys (and girls) who enjoyed the same creatively inspiring format found in the Coke or Pepsi? books. They’re also written and illustrated by the mind-blowing creative team of Mickey and Cheryl Gill.