new book slide - I See Pizza In Your Future

I See Pizza in Your Future

Explore your dazzling destiny in this whimsical activity book.

Every page holds a sparkly surprise, mysterious message,
or fabulous fortune.

Includes spinning Fortune Pen!

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new book slide - Dude Secret Agent

DUDE Secret Agent

Stop the release of a computer virus, expose a league of invisible creatures, and slip undetected into dangerous territory.

Do it all, without blowing your cover.

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new book slide - Amazing Coke or Pepsi?

Amazing Coke or Pepsi?

Just when you thought you knew all your friends pretty well, Amazing Coke or Pepsi? hits the shelves!

Pass it around and let each friend answer a set of super cool questions. Or, ask them the questions yourself and fill in the blanks.

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dude diary smash book slide


Create bizarre beasts in a secret lab, carve out a bunker deep within a bat-filled cave, and command a team of amazing superheroes. Smash any mental force fields in your way!

Includes lock & key!

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Instagram It Slide

Instagram It!

An activity book filled with loads of cool ideas to instagram, tweet, post, chat, & text! Each page turn reveals a fun activity for you to do, then snap a pic of the page and post it to your favorite social media app.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Spring is a mere 60 days away, and we’ve got three new books to add to our line-up of interactive kids books!

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It’s nearly Thanksgiving and people are gearing up for what is often the biggest meal of the year to be followed by non-stop shopping on Black Friday. We’re all so busy it’s often easy to forget all about being thankful and living with a gratitude attitude. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something to be […]

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