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Answer cool questions about your day. Then choose a secret identity, trade places with someone else, and follow a hidden passageway.

Mini quizzes, questions, and secret messages! Includes an Invisible Ink Pen!

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Cool Girls Quiztacular

Get ready to take really cool quizzes! Discover your inner girl and see your friends’ personalities revealed.

Includes a QUIZTACULAR pen with 4 different, clickable colors! Plus QUIZNOTES so you can take more quizzes with more friends!

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Create bizarre beasts in a secret lab, carve out a bunker deep within a bat-filled cave, and command a team of amazing superheroes. Smash any mental force fields in your way!

Includes lock & key!

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Your Diary Slide

Your Diary

Your Diary is all about YOU! And YOU are what makes it special. Finally, a place to really be yourself & express “Your Own Unique Reality.”

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Instagram It Slide

Instagram It!

An activity book filled with loads of cool ideas to instagram, tweet, post, chat, & text! Each page turn reveals a fun activity for you to do, then snap a pic of the page and post it to your favorite social media app.

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Practicing a Gratitude Attitude

Posted: November 22, 2016

group of happy children laying in autumn leaves

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and people are gearing up for what is often the biggest meal of the year to be followed by non-stop shopping on Black Friday. We’re all so busy it’s often easy to forget all about being thankful and living with a gratitude attitude. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something to be […]

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Capes, Crowns, and Zombies

Posted: September 29, 2016

spooky Halloween scene

Halloween is just around the corner and we know you’re already thinking candy and costumes! According to a recent survey, the most popular characters being represented this year are wearing capes, not crowns. In fact, caped (and non caped) crusaders are all over the list!

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Decorating With Dots

Posted: August 22, 2016

green notebook and pencils decorated with dots

Even if you’re dreading the first day of school, you have to admit that a new school year can have a great deal of potential. Seeing old friends, making new ones, meeting new teachers, learning new things, getting new books, and sporting a few new clothes are all reasons to get excited about the new […]

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