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Get glowing with this book of neon charged super-fun activities to do with highlighters. You’ll find things to color, games to play, and crafts to make. Comes with a black & white Mega Poster too!

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You have the chance to create a bro for Frankenstein’s monster, create a legion of mutants, and toss annoying things into a giant spider web. Whoa, dude.

Includes a lock and keys!

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Besties Secret PassNotes

Note passing just got amazing! Write a message on super cute notes and send them to all your friends. Want to keep it really secret? Write invisible messages!

Choose pink or blue! Includes an invisible ink pen.

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Score a spot on a secret agent team, decipher codes,
and take out freaky creatures.

Write invisible messages with a secret spy pen!

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Take quizzes, answer questions with friends,
and create your own secret code.

Write Secret PassNotes with an invisible ink pen!

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Latest Blog Posts

Secret Message Codes and Ciphers

Posted: October 28, 2015 by Fine Print Publishing

Sometimes it’s important to send a hand-written note.

A letter to your aunt to thank her for the beautiful birthday gift . . .

A super sweet note card to your grandparents to tell them how much you miss them . . .

A scribbled message in class asking your friend what she made on the test you just got back . . .

But what if the note you’re passing is full of super secret stuff?!
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Just Out… DUDE Diary BOOM!

Posted: October 6, 2015 by Fine Print Publishing

In the distant future, the world is a bizarre and treacherous place. It’s a battlefield of the mind…. So record your thoughts in the brand new DUDE Diary BOOM and lock ’em up!

Pages filled with gruesome illustrations, ridunkulous doodles and insane activities allow for the creative juices to unleash themselves.
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Get your GLOW on!

Posted: September 17, 2015 by Fine Print Publishing

Get ready to use bright, chunky highlighters in a totally new way!

There’s no denying it, highlighters are fun in a way that crayons and markers just can’t be.

In fact, we’ve devoted one of our newest books, You GLOW Girl, to celebrating the fun you can have with highlighters.
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